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Liza Pincsak
4 min readFeb 24, 2021


Tarot Cards by Matt Hughes

As the snakes squirm in my gut, I know I have something important to say. My truth. As the shiver prickles down my spine, I know I’m in alignment. My creativity. That’s my intuition. My voice. My gut feeling. My power.

She’s like a river that I’d blocked from flowing by constantly bombarding my system with noise from Zoom to social media to Netflix to podcasts. I never left space for quiet. I silenced my inner voice by searching outside of myself for answers instead of going in and listening. Once I started listening, it was like lifting a large, wooden gate that was blocking the flow. Now, creativity and ideas could flow in.

Does my very practical, logical, strategic brain have a hard time with this process and intentionally close the gate? ALL OF THE TIME. It’s the ultimate game of trust. Trusting myself. Trusting I know what’s best for me over what everyone else thinks.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Who cares? How does intuition pertain to tech?

Excellent question.

That brings me to now. There are some cool things happening astrologically and historically that could revolutionize society.

Astrologically, there’s a shift happening from the Piscean era to the Aquarian era. That’s a big deal because the world’s been in the Piscean era for 2000 years.

(FYI I am not an astrologer. Leslie Tagorda and Jennifer Racioppi are astrologers, who are excellent resources.)

Piscean Era = wealth, status, individualism, keeping up with the Joneses

Aquarian Era = collaboration, creativity, reimagining, community

Totally different vibes.

It’s a change in mentality from there isn’t enough pie for everyone who’s got a seat at the table to let’s share the pie and invite others to join the party.

Historically in the US, allowing everyone a seat at the table has never been the case. Only certain people of specific ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, social status, monetary status, etc. are allowed at the table. Once someone finally gets a seat, it’s war to get a slice of the pie, stabbing each other in the back to get their hands on a sliver of it. Once someone’s secured a piece, sharing’s minimal. Crumbs at best.

But one day, someone started sharing more than just crumbs. A bite here and there. And she noticed her piece didn’t disappear. It was still there. Different from what she imagined, learned, inherited. Eyes opened. Realizing the brainwashing. The perpetuation of a system. Leading to unlearning. Undoing. Listening. Forgiving. Recalibrating. Changing. Doing better.

Putting down the knife. Picking up the fork. Testing the waters. Sharing two bites. Slice of apple pie still there. Sharing even more. Piece of apple pie is still there AND a piece of pecan pie. Two pieces of pie. Magic.

Sending out invitations. Inviting others to the table. Uplifting. Joining. Collaborating. Revolutionizing. You get it. Totally different vibes. Endless possibilities. Endless seats at the table. Endless amounts of pie in new flavor combos we’ve yet to imagine.

Ok. Great. Again, how does this relate to tech? Get to the point.

Tech is innovation. Tech is constantly changing. Looking forward. Birthing new ideas into the world. Tech has the money, the resources, the connections, the time, the potential to do things differently. Be on the right side of history.

Imagine what the world could be like if we designed, created, coded, developed from our hearts. It’d be revolutionary to put long term societal impacts at the forefront of innovation instead of short term gains for investors. When motivations, priorities, ideas are aligned with the heart, there’s a merging of the head and gut into an explosion of creative brilliance. A heart a-tech. Rupture. Death. Rebirth.

As Daje James explores the integration of entrepreneurship and intuition as an Intuitive Strategist, I applied her idea to explore the integration of intuition and tech. Intutech. The Great Merger of Tech + Intuition. For example when I code, I often get caught up in my head. I get caught up thinking, reworking, problem-solving until I’m frustrated out of my mind. Instead, I could have checked in with my gut, taken a break, breathed, listened, opened the large, wooden gate, and let the ideas flow in. Magic.

The next time you get stuck designing, creating, coding, developing take a second to breathe and align your head, heart and gut. Have them work together rather than be silenced. If we took more time to listen to our inner voice and trusted it, there’d be bountiful amounts of fresh, delicious pie for everyone.

Maybe I’m just as naive as when I entered education. But, this time I’ve got more tools in my toolbox. This time I got astrology and history on my side. This time I’ve got my intuition to lead the way and my head to make it happen. They’re a team. One can’t work without the other. Just like we’re a team. We can’t dream, reimagine, create change without the support of each other.

So, let’s begin to play with inviting others to the table, sharing the pie, and integrating tech and intuition. Let’s begin The Great Merger of Tech + Intuition.

What are your dreams for tech? I’d love to know.



Liza Pincsak

Full Stack Web Development Student at Lambda School