10 Tips for a Successful First Week of Coding Bootcamp

How I survived my first week

Lambda’s schedule is quite similar to a typical 9am to 5pm work day. Most mornings I’ve an hour to complete precourse work and check my slack. Then I’ve a two hour lecture followed by a one hour lunch. The remaining time is to complete the daily project. Throughout the day, I’ve a few meetings to check my understanding followed by an end of the day meeting. Sounds not too bad right?

Wrong. My first week at Lambda was intense to say the least. I knew that I’d probably have a more challenging time due to my basic understanding of Javascript, HTML, and CSS. However, I underestimated the time I’d need to complete the daily project. My 9am to 5pm work day turned into an 8am to 8pm work day…

The good news is that in a week’s time I know way more about programming than what I’d taught myself the previous three months. In 9 month’s time, I may actually become a legit programmer.

These are my Main Takeaways from Week 1:

1. Time Management

2. Take Breaks

3. Sleep

4. Don’t work weekdays during a full-time bootcamp

5. Be ok with meeting the minimum requirement

6. Get outside!

7. Splurge on things that make life better

8. Get off the screen

9. Meditate

10. Ask for help

Although these tips may seem trivial, I’ve really needed to make them my top priority to maintain my sanity through the first week of Lambda School. I’m realizing how easily I could get burnt out if I don’t practice “body first, business second.” Hopefully, these simple tips are good reminders to put yourself first, so that you can be successful in your first week of a bootcamp.

Are you interested in doing a coding bootcamp? I love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment below.

This article originally appeared on https://lizapincsak.com/blog/2020/Ten-Tips-Week1.html.



Full Stack Web Development Student at Lambda School

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